No charge for the extra disservice

Looks like in the last 24 hours my ISP (Earthlink via Time Warner/Brighthouse) in Tampa Bay has disabled port 80 (HTTP) on my home cable modem.

I host a low-volume website for a friend of mine.

I tried port 8080, but it didn’t work. So I moved him to port 8079.

One of the things that gets forgotten in this electronic age is that a single button press in a central office in Missoula can affect thousands or hundreds of thousands of customers across the country.

This service was disconnected without any notice to me, the account holder. I was not consulted nor notified beforehand. And I was not notified afterwards. The only notice I did receive, loosely speaking, is the cessation of the service on this port. That is, in my opinion as an Earthlink/Brighthouse customer in good standing, inadequate.