Jeet Kune Do

Looking unsuccessfuly for a local place to learn Jeet Kune Do.

Does anyone know of a place which teaches Jeet Kune Do in the Palm Harbor, Tampa or Clearwater, Florida areas?


Frank canceled. Shame. Maybe next week. I’ll stock up on bananas.

Bought yummy chicken at Publix.

Don’t drink a lot with meals. Liquid dilutes stomach acid, hindering digestion. Give your body a chance to do its job.

Thanks for the invite, O. 15 minutes became 2 hours. Watched the American version of Ringu with friends. One beer; one movie; 200 jokes. 4.5hrs of sleep for A.

New baby arrived

Olympus E-10 4MP DSLR

I can’t tell you how excellent this camera is. Try it and see for yourself.