Tulster Profile Glock 26 Holster, Coyote

Over the years, I’ve bought a few holsters in my search for my ideal small of the back Glock 26 holster. I’ve got a Desantis, a Blackhawk, and a Galco which lost its snap eventually, so I cut its leather flap off. The Desantis and Blackhawk holsters are thick leather, so they stick out too far, and the Galco broke. So I went looking for something else a while back. Eventually, on Amazon.com, I stumbled upon the Tulster Profile holster (in Coyote Brown) and I was extremely interested. The reviews all screamed, “Buy it!” So I did. Boy, am I glad I did! This holster is not an SOB (small of back). It’s for appendix or four o’clock (right behind the right hip) carry. That was a concern of mine as I’d really only been looking for SOB and thought appendix carry would a) print; and b) be pointing at my body all the time. I was half right. This thing hardly prints on me. And the draw and return to holster are effortless, though it doesn’t threaten to fall out on its own.

This thing is “just right”.