Hello, 16″ M1 MacBook Pro.

I found a pair of 16-inch MacBook Pros on Amazon Warehouse Deals just now.

Price: $1,724.25

Condition: Acceptable

CPU: 10-Core M1 Pro


GPU: 16-core (the power-sipping one that I want)

Storage: 1TB

Color: Space Grey

The CPU/GPU options available on the 2021 16-inch M1 MacBook Pro are:Screenshot 2022 12 24 at 2 04 43 PM

I like the M1 Pro as it has considerably more battery life than the M1 Max versions, and I don’t need the increased performance of those CPUs or their GPUs at all.

New price right now from Apple for this configuration: $2,699

Refurbished price right now from Apple for this configuration (link): $2,309.00

Amazingly, Amazon has this new for $2,299, which is cheaper than Apple’s refurbished price. Wow.

Compared to the Apple refurb price, I am saving $584.75.

Compared to the Apple new price, I am saving $974.75.

Compared to the Amazon new price, I am saving $574.75.

I pulled the trigger on two. My hope is that one of them will be in amazing shape and that I can add AppleCare Plus to it, along with the perpetual annual AppleCare Plus renewal of $79 or whatever it is.

Amazon Warehouse Deals has exactly zero 16” M1 MacBook Pros with 32GB of RAM right now. Zero. So no ragerts. It’s a $400 upgrade for a new one. I’d gladly pay that on top of $1724.25, which would come to $2,124.25. But it’s not presently available and 16GB is working fine for me on my Mac mini.

I only plan to keep one of these.

This will replace my M1 Mac mini desktop computer. Sick.


Screenshot 2022 12 24 at 12 22 59 PM


Screenshot 2022 12 24 at 12 37 24 PM

5 January 2023 Update: I bought three of these in hopes of getting one that was worth keeping. Worth keeping means excellent physical condition and AppleCare+ available. The first one arrived Tuesday, 3 January 2022. I opened it when I got home. Not mentioned in the Amazon listing, it had no original packaging. But it was cosmetically perfect and even the screen was perfectly clean — not a single smudge. AppleCare+ was available for 20 more days and the factory warranty expires 22 November 2023. That means this thing is like a month old. I’m keeping it.

3 June 2023 Update: I love this computer. I use it every day for work. Only bad thing is Bluetooth oddities. For example, sometimes I click to disable a Plantronics Bluetooth headset and that stops my mouse cold. Seriously. What the heck?