D90 arrived. Best Nikon body I’ve owned.

All I can say is Wow. This thing is such a pleasure to use. Nikon really outdid themselves. Right off the bat, the following things are worth the upgrade:

  1. Higher-res LCD
  2. Bigger LCD
  3. Moving around on LCD gets fast sooner than on D200.
  4. Ability to set Auto-ISO above 1600!
  5. Easier to read text in menus and more descriptive names in menus
  6. Sharper (at least with Sharpness cranked up) than D200 ever was.

So far I’ve only shot it with my 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor lens.

4 October 2011 update: I’ve had my D90 body for almost three years. For me, for a digital body, that’s a long time. And I’m still very happy with it. Noticed some dust on the mirror for the first time the other day. The rubber under my right thumb position has come unglued, but whatever. I’d really like an FX body to get wider shots with my 50mm f/1.4 and to get maximum low-light picture quality, but the D700 is

  • Expensive; and
  • Large; and
  • Liable to be improved upon in the next year or so.

For my needs, my D90 still beats every other Nikon body I’ve owned. Namely, D40, D70, D80, D200. I suspect the Fuji X100 would challenge it for my affections.

iPod touch

I’ve been easing into the idea of getting an iPod touch for the following main uses

– Portable calendar (read/write)
– Portable address book (read/write)
– Portable email
– Portable web browsing. In house and on trips away from home, etc.
– Music playing (not very important to me since I have two iPods already)

Better for me than one of Nokia’s n700- or n800-series devices.

And I just hate to use my Treo for address lookups and calendaring. The screen is just too small. And no wifi. Thanks for nothing, Palm. I’m very disappointed with Treos’ historic lack of wifi.

It’s important to me that it have great syncing with my OS X iCal and Address Book apps, which I fully expect to be the case.

My wife supported me when I mentioned it today and pushed me to get one. She actually pushed me to get the 32GB version so I don’t need to upgrade later, but the difference in price (8GB $230, 16GB $299, 32GB $399) was too much for me. I wanted to keep the price around two hundred bucks. A shopping site search had a legitimate seller with an unexpectedly low price: PCConnection had the iPod touch 8GB 2nd Gen (the latest) for $189.99! Wow! I bought one immediately.

The Official List of OS X File/Folder Comparison Software

Since July 2007, when I switched from Windows to Mac (OS X) I’ve been looking for something to replace one of my favorite Windows tools, BeyondCompare 2.x. I use BC for work and to keep directories synchronized for myself. It wasn’t until MacUpdate Promo (daily OS X deals site) DeltaWare on 21 Nov 08 that I found out about it. I guess I should have looked harder. To help others like me and keep them from wasting months or years of their lives without a file/folder comparison tool, I decided to make a list of all the tools out there. If I missed one, please let me know and I’ll gladly update my list.

This list documents my own experiences and opinions. They’re not necessarily the experiences or opinions of anyone else.

I’m not including terminal-based tools like diff.

[] Eventually I may make this into a matrix.


#1 DeltaWalker <br>Highly Recommended!

Platforms: OS X, Windows, Linux UI: Java/Eclipse SWT, so it uses native OS X controls in OS X, making for a natural look and feel for any OS X user. Even supports Default Folder X since it uses native controls. Pros: Comfortable, full-featured, easy to use and learn, easy on the eyes, affordable, multiple platforms, three-way comparison/merge Support: World class support. Fast, professional, smart, friendly. Cons: None. Price: $39.95 for Personal edition Stars: ***** (five of five)

Araxis Merge

Platforms: OS X, Windows (Java) UI: Probably SWT Pros: Full-featured, multiple platforms Cons: Expensive, less comfortable to use (subjective) and harder on the eyes than DeltaWalker, three-way comparison/merge. Expensive. Did I mention expensive? Support: No experience with their support Price: $129 for Standard Edition Stars: *** (three of five)

UltraCompare (Added to this list 25 January 2012)

Platforms: OS X (still in beta on 25 January 2012), Windows, Linux. I’m only referring to the OS X version here; I have not used the Windows or Linux versions. This comparison tool shows promise. I certainly prefer its UI to Araxis Merge, at least at first blush.
Pros:  Attractive-looking. Unlike UltraEdit for OS X, the controls seem native to OS X. (I love UltraEdit for Windows, but I did not take to UltraEdit for OS X at all, particularly due to to just hating its look and feel.)
Cons:  Tried using it (a beta, mind you) to compare two directories full of files. Dozens of modified files and a few subdirs. It was very laggy just scrolling around in that directory comparison view, so I got fed up and switched back to DeltaWalker 1.9.8, which was zippy with the same directory comparison.
Price: I don’t know yet (still in beta)
Stars: *** (three of five) — but this is preliminary as it’s based on a beta version.


Summary: I don’t know why someone would choose this over DeltaWalker. Platforms: OS X, Windows, Linux, Java native Pros: I haven’t evaluated it as its interface was not appealing to me. Multiple platforms. Cons: Interface not appealing to me, expensive. Support: No experience with their support Price: $66 Stars: Insufficient data


Summary: Free, underfeatured, lacks polish. Okay if you’re on a serious budget and don’t mind a more Linux look than OS X. Not for someone who wants the best tools and attractive user interfaces.


Summary: Not yet worth its low price. Platform: OS X UI: Native Pros: Low price. But same price as DeltaWalker Personal without DeltaWalker’s awesomeness. Cons: Folder interface turned me off and was hard to use. Top bar was instantly uncomfortable. Folder comparison interface turned me off immediately and this never wore off. Support: No experience with their support Price: $39.95 Stars: ** (two of five)


Summary: Weak, underfeatured, no folder comparison support, free. You get what you pay for. Comes with OS X. Stars: * (one of five, the lowest possible score)

Compare Folders (Added to this list 15 September 2009)

Summary: Haven’t tested it. Saw it mentioned by a MacUpdate Promo commenter today, 15 September 2009. Platform: OS X UI: Native Pros: No data Cons: No data Support: No data Price: $24.95 Stars: No data


Updated 25 January 2012 to mention the newly released UltraCompare for OS X