The Godfather

I finished watching The Godfather with my eldest daughter last night. What a special experience to watch it together. It was my first time watching more than just a few minutes from the beginning of the film. This type of film was not my cup of tea decades ago.

But this version of me loved it. Even better was sharing it with my daughter.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro was announced this Monday. Today is Friday.

I’m excited for what this could be. I don’t know what that is.

But today it occurred to me while watching the keyboard entry animation at the top of this article, that the Vision Pro could be of considerable value to users with certain disabilities and difficulties. I don’t know what those benefits would be and I don’t know what users they would help. But it feels like it could change lives. That’s powerful and important.

I had the nearly simultaneous idea that the Vision Pro (some version of it as it will evolve over time) could wind up gaining traction with some disability niche but then eventually (more slowly) be adopted by mainstream users. And the mainstream users would be late to the game.

This article only includes a screenshot of that animation, not the actual animation.


Today, 2 June 2023, Daring Fireball mentioned I was not familiar with this service.

Looks like a way to keep track of the movies you’ve watched and to rate them. I love that. I instantly signed up.

I’d also like something like this for books.

I’m not very interested in the social elements, but I would like to interact with my daughters regarding films. That’s probably about it.