Dell U3014 30″ Display

My 24” Dell monitor wasn’t cutting it on my Mac Mini, so I looked up the maximum resolution it would push (2560×1600 at 60Hz) and went hunting. I found a good condition Dell 30” U3014 on eBay for $250 and went for it. It arrived today. It’s incredible. Wonderful for viewing, sharing and presumably for editing photos. I didn’t care that it was factory calibrated and should have really accurate color rendition… until I used it. Now I’m a believer, in this resolution, this size, and high-end, factory-calibrated monitors.

The Morning After Update 3 March 2018: It’s still beautiful. Been using it today. Very spacious. I use three monitors on my computer at work and that’s also a good setup. I want one addition monitor here at home to supplement this one. A place to dump windows I’m not working with but might want to hear from, such as Messages.

24 February 2019: My 30” Dell U3014, which I’ve used on my desk at home since its purchase, is still running great. I picked up another one, which I use at the office. That one is also doing well. I just love these monitors. They don’t feel big anymore, but smaller monitors do feel small.

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 G AF-S Lens

I picked up one of these via a great seller on about a week ago. He’d had it about five years and I got a very good price of $250 shipped.

I bought this to replace my 50mm f/1.8 D lens, which I’ve purchased three times over the years. I wanted something faster to shoot my daughter’s Tuesday night ballet classes with. Having used it for that last Tuesday, I may go back to my 85mm f/1.4. But today’s experience at a park has cemented this 50mm f/1.4’s position in my gear bag for general photography. It’s so contrasty, autofocuses reasonably fast on my D810 and the colors are awesome. Bokeh for daylight shots was okay. (Might not be very good at night, but I’ve got the 85mm Cream Machine if I want stellar bokeh.

I was stunned at how much I liked the shots with this lens at the park today. It was my first daylight outdoor shooting with it.

I had ordered a different 50mm f/1.4 lens the other day. It was a cosmetically superb but slightly soft in the middle D lens. I didn’t care for it. It went right back and I’m very glad I replaced it with this G lens. The big selling point for me on this lens was Ken Rockwell’s comparison here. I loved the contrast and sharpness demonstrated by this lens in that comparison. I may still keep my Nikkor f/1.2 MF Ai-S, but I’m somewhat on the fence now that I have this f/1.4.

27 May 2018 Update: This beauty is still welded to my D810 body. I just love it. What a terrific combination for my needs.

Millennium Falcon

The latest installment of “Lepin therapy” is the newly released, largest-ever Lego design Millennium Falcon.

Here’s a pic of its status after a few calendar days of plugging away at it.

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3 February 2018 Updates:

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