Good service + good intentions = trust

I refinanced my car and my motorcycle today. On a referral from my friend Joel Camery, who is an excellent, trustworthy car dealer, I brought my business to Florida Central Credit Union. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did.

Have you ever fully trusted the intentions of someone who was offering you a loan? Really? We’ll I trust both Jo and Michelle at FCCU.

Have you ever felt hunted and lied to when financing a car? Well, I did NOT feel that way today at FCCU.

Have you ever applied for a loan, gotten a great rate in the first place (no negotiations) and still felt great about it by the time you got home? We’ll, today FCCU did better: They made me feel great about two rates (car and bike). I’m already home and I still feel this way.

I’ve got a new family. And I’m moving all my bank accounts from AmSouth Bank to FCCU. I know who to trust and now have, corny as it may seem, a little more community in my life. My money is in good hands.

Here is some contact information for Florida Central Credit Union. I wish I could do more:

Michelle or Jo

Florida Central Credit Union

1499 S Belcher Rd (NE corner of 142nd Ave N and Belcher Rd)

Largo, FL


(727) 535-0400






ATM available


Safe Deposit Boxes

And Joel Camery, who connected me with my new financial friends and who is equally worthy of trust, can be reached at:

Joel Camery

The Carfather

Ulmerton Road Automotive

9445 Ulmerton Rd

Largo, FL


Phone: (727) 687-0586

Fax: (727) 559-7863

Mobile: (727) 423-5669


M-F 10a-6p

Sat 10a-4p

Sun [Closed]

Joel has never let me down and I take every opportunity to recommend him to friends.