Last night at 10:30 I went to my local (Oldsmar) Wal-Mart Supercenter. I was bored and wanted get my first commercially-produced prints of digital pictures I’ve taken over the years.

I was disappointed to find the photo processing area unattended and mostly dark. One machine was left on: the Kodak digital photo processing machine.

There was an employee in the area, a nice black gentleman who let me know that the photo processing center was closed for the night.

Too bad. However, since the Kodak machine was on I decided to give it a try. I was excited.

Well, the machine was $0.36/4×6″ print. Compare with the advertised price of $0.24 for a 3×5″ prints, but that machine was turned off.

So I made one print apiece of the eight JPG images on my 64MB CompactFlash card. In less than a minute, all eight prints popped out the front. I waited for a receipt or a prompt to slide a credit card somewhere in the machine.

No luck, aparently these pictures were free.

I sought out the gentleman who had helped me before. He was not an isle over sorting through some inventory. I told him the situation and asked him how to pay for my pictures.

to be continued…