Yesterday (Sunday)

Sitting inside all day avoid deadly wind, rain and flying car parts, I set about moving all my user data (including a voluminous email message store) from my old primary computer (a Win2000 Sony laptop) to my main computer, a four-year-old desktop from Polywell Computers running Gentoo Linux and FVWM.

It went very well. I found that I had better luckunzipping my zip files with the opener supplied by Nautilus than with Konqueror’s Zip file abstraction. Konqueror complained that many files were expected to be folders (they were folders!) and the result was that it made (worthless!) empty files out of them, their contents lost. =( So I redid my unzipping work with Nautilus. Worked like a champ.

My user data included tons of digital photos taken with my old digitcal cameras. It had been a while since I’d seen those pictures. It was nice to move them over.

It was a productive day.