Power came back on at the office around 3pm today.

They called everyone in from their houses for a 2pm announcement. I didn’t go. The announcement: We hired someone. I’m glad I couldn’t make it.

Started making preparations for Hurricane Ivan today. Couldn’t find a large gas can to save my life. But I did find a siphon with a bulb. So I can use one of the cars as a gas can. Not exactly the same thing, but it’ll do.

Some thoughts on two cars vs. one car with a spare can of gas:

Two identical cars with identical gas on an identical course can get the passengers of one car 1.5 times the distance one car can. Travel with both cars for half a tank. Then transfer the remaining gas from one car to the other. Then drive that car (now full of gas) for a full tank of gas, having already traveled for one-half tank.

But this solution isn’t identical to a gas can. For example, if you only have one driver (no one to drive the second car); or you have more than one destination….