A few days ago, perhaps a week now, I decided to start ripping my MP3s at a bitrate of 192 instead of 128. I was going to do some filesize and fidelity comparisons, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

I used to note my ripped CDs by putting a blue dot (with a Sharpie-brand magic marker) on the spine of the CD case. But now that I threw away my CD cases and moved the CDs to soft carrying cases, that won’t work. So I started putting a blue dot on the top of each disc, at the edge, at about four o’clock when I ripped them at 128kbits.

For the first few CDs I did at 192kbits, I put a BLACK dot at the same clock position. But I didn’t like that so I switched to a blue dot at about eight o’clock.

Current iPod track count: 1441