CVS mboxes

I put my main mboxes into CVS today. Had what seem to be some line-ending problems, which I’ll document here for myself.

1. Cygwin set to “CR/LF” (DOS) line-endings.

2. Committed mboxes.

3. Checked mboxes back out. Differences only that the CR’s were gone (compared with the pre-commit backup mboxes I made).

4. I noticed a line between each header field in mutt. =(

5. So I set Cygwin to using “LF” (UNIX/Linux) line-endings.

6. I then deleted the mboxes in my CVS sandbox and checked them out from CVS again.

7. Now the empty lines were gone (yay!) but each header line had a visible ‘^M’ appended. =(

8. New messages don’t get those ^M’s. But did I double-check that by committing them, deleting the sandbox mbox[es] and then checking them out of CVS again? I’m not sure.

Maybe I’ll look for a sed one-liner to rip those ^M’s out.

So Win2000->Cygwin->CVS->mutt == good, but be sure Cygwin is set to use Linux-style line-endings (LF) from the get-go.