Thinkpad T23

I wound up getting a ThinkPad T23 (refurbished) from TigerDirect. It was delivered about a week ago. Details:

Pentium III M 1.2GHz
256MB 144-pin 133MHz SODIMM
40GB hard drive (IBM says the unit only came with a 30GB so the drive might not be warranted)
16MB Savage video
14.1″ 1024×760 TFT LCD
IBM Warranty expires 21 July 2005


$650 plus tax plus 2nd Day shipping. Good thing I got the fast shipping, those two days were tough!

The ‘D’ key was sticky. IBM sent me a replacement keyboard. Took a few keyboards to get it just right. But it seems to be all set as of today. I haven’t installed it yet. Maybe this weekend.

This was funded wholly by the sale of my Sony VAIO Picturebook model PCG-C1VPK on ebay to a fellow in Verona, Italy. I shipped it today. Thanks for buying it. I hope you enjoy it.