Newton arrived

My Newton arrived. I picked up at 11:45am Sunday.

I’ve been banging on it ever since. I almost the entire User’s Guide last night so now I’m a proficient Newton novice.

I’m not disappointed by this device. So far, it trumps my Palms, CLIE, PocketPC, Psion and Zaurus in terms os suitability for my purposes (mostly note taking and appointments). It is impressive even by today’s standards.

I think of it as a VERY reasonably priced tablet PC at a total delivered price of $112.00. ($100 plus $10 S&H plus $2 insurance)

I can’t wait to get a TCP/IP stack on it. Yesterday I ordered a Newton serial-to-PC serial cable. Last night I ordered a Lucent 802.11b card. Both are on their way to me.