Why carry a gun?

Someone who’d considered it himself asked me yesterday why I carry a concealed firearm wherever I go.

I’m used to this question from people who haven’t considered it themselves so I never bothered to formulate a cogent answer.

So yesterday I had to take my position apart and analyze it.

I also carry a knife and I’m not a small man so I have other things going for me in a altercation with a criminal or psycho. I also travel with a heavy flashlight or small aluminum bat to hand.

I prepare for various scenarios and degrees of danger, though I don’t pretend I’m prepared for every eventuality.

I want to cover the gamut. Constant awareness, avoidance, calling for help, voice, fist, knee to groin, fingers into eye sockets, bat/club, breaking bones, cutting and, if it comes to it, firearm to counter an unavoidable, comparable threat to my person or my family.

But to synopsize it: I want to be prepared for anything; and I want to be the most dangerous factor in my environment.