Today I purchased a Garmin C330 GPS from

I did most of my initial research on this GPS for a friend who wanted a birthday gift for her husband, who is also a friend. This was in August or so.

I found it for her for $400 at CompUSA plus a $100 mail-in rebate, advertised in a Sunday paper insert. As of a month ago, they still hadn’t received the rebate.

About three weeks ago I actually used this GPS in my friend’s SUV. Wow! I was very impressed.

Now it’s time to get one for myself. Amazon has it for $299.99 (no anti-customerrebates) today so I bought it. The lesser model (C320) is okay too but I like having all the maps preloaded and I don’t like the idea of my maps falling out if the SD card gets jostled when its in a rucksack.

This GPS has two big drawbacks: No user-replaceable battery and no lookup or display of coordinates. It’s all address-based for the user.

And this GPS has one big missing feature: It doesn’t read the names of your streets/exits. You have to upgrade one model for that feature. For the price I’m paying, the thing should read to me.