Digital cameras

Digital cameras I’ve owned

1. Polaroid for $99 (junk, returned within days)
2. Kodak something ($250 or so, returned when I saw it had a feature to add a “frame” to images in-camera. Too Disney.)
3. Nikon Coolpix 800 (2MP). Great camera Made the mistake of checking it in my baggage going to Baltimore. Result: Broken Coolpix 800.
4. Olympus E-10 (4MP). Ebay $400 or so. Nice camera. But slow to shoot and horribly slow to review stored pictures. No removable lenses.
5. Casio S500 (5MP). Nice camera. But slow — we miss too many shots with it.
6. Nikon D40. Hasn’t arrived yet.

4 October 2011 update:

7. Nikon D70. Pictures very blue. Great metering.

8. Nikon D80. Piece of shit.

9. Nikon D200. Great camera, pictures not sharp. Don’t want to sharpen them in postprocessing/Photoshop/whatever.

10. Nikon D90.