iPod additions

I bought my wife an iPod Shuffle (blue) as an early anniversary gift. She wanted it. I was excited.

The levels of her CD-ripped MP3s varied enormously. And it looks like Sound Check isn’t supported on the Shuffle.

Enter: iPod Mini

Last weekend (today is Monday) we were visiting my family. I found my youngest brother had a Zune. So I asked him what came of his old 4GB iPod Mini (blue). He said the battery is totally dead. Okay, can I have it? Sure. He gave me the Mini plus a FireWire cable and the 110V A/C adapter it connects to.

I ordered a new battery for $17 from laptopsforless.com. I also got a battery for my 40GB 4G iPod for the same price and got free shipping, saving me $7.00. Good deal!