Money v. contract services

Since when is money more important than services delivered for that money?

For example, a contractor may sign an NDA and a non-compete agreement to get a gig. And perhaps agree to binding arbitration instead of using the courts.

Why would someone sign away their right to communicate or compete or pursue legal recourse just to get a certain job? Certainly, I can see how there would be circumstances that would make it worth the contractor’s while to agree to those restrictions. But it’d have to be a sweet deal.

What could be done to balance such restrictions? What requirements could a contractor put in a contractor put in his agreement?

One thing this reaffirms: He who writes the contract wins. So maybe contractors should write their own contracts. That’s an idea.

If a client or employer won’t sign the contractor’s contract in lieu of their own contract, then the contractor needs them more than they need him. Maybe that’s a bad situation for the contractor to be in. Move on if you can afford to.