I just bought a D-Link DNS-323 two-bay NAS enclosure and two 500GB Samsung SATA drives. I was very close (as in, waiting for my wife to wake up from her nap so I can go to Circuit City) to buying a Buffalo LinkStation Live 500GB single-bay (drive included) enclosure until I re-read the user reviews, some of which complained about customer service speed and device failures. I always take user complaints with a grain of salt, but I had a bad feeling here — the bad customer service reviews seemed, well, credible and representative.

I believe I made the right choice. I need

  1. Fast reads/writes (not especially large files)
  2. iTunes MP3 hosting
  3. Backup to external USB drive automatically (don’t know if the D-Link does this but it’s mostly offset by the fact that I can put TWO SATA drives in it vs. one drive in the Buffalo)