MacBook Pro Love

I love my Mac! I’m not ashamed to gush. I’ve had it a month or two now and I’m in love.

Path Finder isn’t everything that Directory Opus is in Windows. Oh, well.

TextExpander isn’t everything ShortKeys is in Windows (no date math in TE). Oh, well.

And the [Home] and [End] keys just do… I don’t even know what they do in OS X yet. But they suck in everything I’ve tried except NeoOffice.

The speakers aren’t loud enough. Oh, well.

I don’t really use Dashboard.

I just started using Expose for real today. And I assigned the top-right hot corner to it because sometimes (depending on what apps are open, I suppose) [F9] doesn’t invoke Expose. Using Expose is a lot nicer than my old method (c. yesterday) of minimizing things I didn’t want to use for a while, like three NeoOffice docs at a time.

The touchpad is tits.

The two-finger X and Y axis scrolling is awesome.

The keyboard isn’t bad. The backlit keys are nice, though I’ve only needed them just now (can’t sleep) for the first time since getting the Mac. And I’m hardly using them but they’re nice and they do help a bit.

I could use another gig of RAM to get me to 3GB (the max for this machine). Because when I have my normal set of OS X apps open plus XP Pro (in Parallels) and XP Home (in Parallels) things get slow. Boo hoo.

I’ll tell you what, I’m glad I came home to Macintosh.