Loose MacBook Pro hinge

I’ve owned a 2.16GB Core 2 Duo 1GB 120GB 128MB MacBook Pro for about two months, perhaps three by now. Some time back the screen got a bit loose. It has a few degrees of travel that aren’t tight.

I brought it to the Apple Store at International Plaza mall in Tampa, Florida yesterday, Saturday, 6 October 2007. The guy at the Genius Bar told me there is a clutch in there that has to be replaced and Apple must do it — they cannot do it in the store. He told me to expect the computer to be gone 5-7 days. What!?! This is my work machine.

Dell will come to my house to fix a Dell notebook. I thought that getting a Mac would be great because I could just walk into the store and walk out with my notebook fixed if something should come up. I was wrong this time.

He said the condition is not degenerative and will not spread. That is, it will not get worse and so there is no rush bringing it in.