85mm f/1.8 Nikkor

I want this lens. I want the bokeh and I want the speed for low-light, no-flash shooting. This lens is the main reason I bought my D70 last week.

I went to Ritz Camera at Countryside Mall yesterday and they had one in stock, albeit for $499, a high price. I shot it on my D70 and, boy, did I love it! Great bokeh and it let in so much light at f/1.8. Even at f/2.8 (also a new aperture for me on anything but my Oly E-10) it had good bokeh, though it was, of course, darker.

I was trying to explain this lens to my wife on the way home from the mall — she thought the 18-70 lens I got with the D70 was this 85mm lens. Nope. She encouraged me to just buy this 85mm. So I did — on Adorama, along with a used 62mm 81A warming filter since the D70’s pics are so cool out of camera.