New iTunes rating algorithm

I changed my iTunes music ratings/iPod mini 4GB sync algorithm.
Each int is a star count.

– Move 4 to 5
– Move 3 to 4
– Change playlists from 3+ to 4+. This will leave 3 very empty. 3 will become place for “possible for iPod.“

So new rating system is

1: Hate it.
2: It’s okay but I never want it on my small iPod.
3. Stuff I may want on iPod sometimes — move to 4 when I do.
4. Put on iPod.
5. Always on iPod. Not subject to change of state.

I find it interesting to realize that I recently considered my old system of rating to be lacking in granularity. This new system effectively gives me even less fine control over ratings since it basically removes what I used to rate as 4 and moves those into 5. But I think it is definitely an improvement nonetheless.