Dramatic dream

I dreamed I was some place. It didn’t look like Best Buy but, perhaps since I suspected the employees to be doing something anti-customer and shady, I felt it was Best Buy.

I was there and someone (police with store personnel on hand, I believe it was) came to me and, without cause, were inspecting my messenger bag and perhaps even my person.

During and after this unlawful search, store employees were hiding the fact that they were watching me closely.

I got tired of it and marched into the office, told them they know why I’m there but I don’t and I asked for the top manager. Then I walked over to a nice manager guy that I remembered from some past cycle and asked him what’s going on. He was on the phone.

He handed me the phone and I put it to my ear. Immediately, a very familiar voice said, “<My name>, this is Joe. I’m with your mother.” Totally freaked, I woke up.