Photography gig and sudden camera shortage

A friend offered me a photography gig today. As I hung up on that call, the phone rang again and my father wanted to borrow a camera for a two-month road trip. Funny. So I’ll be out the D40 and 18-70 lens for a couple months.

Not a problem except my 18-200 lens needs to go back to Nikon, leaving me with just the 50mm/1.4 until the 18-200 comes back fixed. I called Nikon and they want an average of 7-10 business days to turn it around. Okay. I’ll ship it off tomorrow.

I’m presently selling my D70 to a nice-sounding fellow. He’ll have the money this Saturday. I decided to upgrade to a D80 immediately (tonight) rather than wait on the D70 sale. No reason, really, except being prepared for the photo gig which has an unkown date.

Meantime, if that photo gig comes in immediately (unlikely per my friend) I’ll shoot it with my 50mm f/1.4. And if it can wait a few weeks, I’ll have my 18-200 back to shoot it with, too, though the 50mm should be fine if a little inconvenient.