Jove bless my TurboMouse, er, Expert Mouse.

CompUSA is going out of business. I just visited two of their depressingly-understocked stores tonight in Tampa. At the second one — the first had zilch of interest to me — I found a ton of Kensington TurboMouse trackballs (version 7.) Great! Usually about a hundred bucks, these were $40 apiece. I bought two and wished I’d bought more once I got home and spoke to the wife.

This trackball is just great. I’ve wanted one for years but $80-to-$100 was too much for me and I already had a Logitech trackball that was okay.

The best thing about my new TurboMouse is the software. I can change button assignments depending on what application I’m using. Yes!

Edit: Oh, they call it an Expert Mouse now, not a TurboMouse.