New motorcycling jacket: Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0

I bought a Joe Rocket Ballistic (XL) for, IIRC, $169 in about 2002 for use with my R6. It was too hot for me in Florida summer riding. I cooked in traffic in it once and was down for about a week. And I wasn’t happy with the fit — the elbow pads were too far from my elbow, a problem that I couldn’t’ handle since the jacket wasn’t adjustable in the arms.

Yesterday, Saturday, I went to my localĀ  Honda dealer to shop for a tank bag. I instead came home with a Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 (Large) for $115 plus they threw in a black bungee net. So I’d call that $105 for the jacket. Then it occurred to me to sell the old one. I put it on Craigslist. I sold it today to a nice Hayabusa rider named Danny for $75. Good deals all around.