Amazon comes through.

I bought a my Nikon D80 body last week. I’m very happy with it. Yes, the meter overexposes for the shadows but tough.

Anyway, I bought it for, from memory, $776.94. A good price. Shortly after I received the D80, I checked Adorama and B&H prices, something I do often with things I’ve recently purchased. Their prices were around $729! That’s about $45. Problem. Did I check them before I bought from Amazon? Probably — I usually check all three of these sites before buying anything photographic. But maybe I didn’t. Maybe.

But it doesn’t matter because tonight, on a whim, I checked Amazon’s current price. I was heartened when I saw that it had one of the “add to cart to see price” links, which it didn’t have when I bought it — so the price was probably reduced. Yay. And it was! About $729. Great. Amazon will credit for thirty days after receipt so I called and got stuck in a long recording. Garbage. Then I found a means of having Amazon call me via a button