Things I want from my government

I plan for this to be a running list. I?ll add and mark Done items as time goes by.

        ?        Repeal the Patriot Act.
        ?        Restore habeas corpus.
        ?        Dismantle the Federal Reserve system.
        ?        Stop violating the U.S. Constitution ([] too general — expand this.)
        ?        Give power back to the states.
        ?        Stop pushing the federal REAL ID Act or any variations of it. Perhaps write a law making REAL ID illegal.
        ?        Stop attacking foreign countries.
        ?        Stop occupying foreign countries.
        ?        Stop torturing people.
        ?        Cancel Extreme Rendition.
        ?        Fix the broken legal system, particularly the dependence on precedent law.
        ?        Stop restricting our rights to keep and bear arms.
        ?        Cancel corporate citizenship.
        ?        Dismantle the IRS.
        ?        Cancel income tax. Only levy constitutional taxes.
        ?        When passing laws, cite the law that gives you the right to pass each law.
        ?        Make lawmakers read the bills before they pass them.
        ?        Make lawmakers pass only bills that have one discrete law in them. No riders/piggybacking.