Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Took my wife to Citrus Cycle Center today to fit her for an HJC CL-15 motorcycle helmet. That didn’t go great. She got a better fit from a medium KBC TL-8. But I had to do my due diligence on that model so we didn’t buy it.

But they did have a smoking hot deal on black/orange First Gear Earl leather motorcycle jackets: $99. Whoah. I bought one (XXL) and I’m glad I did. Great fit, finish and price! I’m really impressed with this jacket. I’d be impressed even if it were twice as much, though it’s unlikely I would have bought it at that rate.

I’m looking forward to using it tomorrow when I ride into town.

There’s a small backstory to the jackets. On the way to the dealership, we saw two riders on the road with these jackets. My wife remarked how great the jackets looked (including fit/cut) and I agreed. Just gorgeous jackets. I even tried to get a closer look at the light but she was turning the wrong way. One of the guys was on a Repsol 600RR Honda (lots of orange in there) so it was an especially good fit with his bike. But it’s a generally attractive jacket for any bike.