Goodbye, NetNewsWire and NewsGator.

About a week ago, I got an email from NewsGator telling me they will soon (31 August 2009) discontinue their “Online” service and that I’d have to start syncing their iPhone RSS client, NetNewsWire, with Google Reader. But the catch: I’ll have to wait for a version of NNW that supports Google Reader? Huh?!?

So I moved my NewsGator feeds over to Google Reader via an OPML file immediately. And today, I started looking into alternative iPhone newsreaders.

I found this 8 September 2008 iLounge review by Charles Starrett, which was terrific. And after comparing a few readers by screen shots and features, I bought Newsstand for $4.99.

It’s immediately obvious that at least one feed, Dvorak Uncensored, which inexplicably wouldn’t show up in NNW is showing up in Newsstand. That’s worth five bucks!