Popcorn with olive oil!

I’m allergic to cow milk products. I love them but they make me congested. I can eat something with a little butter on it and have a runny nose in minutes.

The thing I probably miss the most is butter on my popcorn. I like air-popped white Jolly Time popcorn. And I’ve been eating it dry for awhile since Smart Balance tastes horrible on it.

Yesterday, preparing to go see Avatar in IMAX 3D, I remembered that I used to use olive oil in place of butter on something. I’m thinking it was grilled garlic shrimp cooked in the oven.

So I tried it on my air-popped white Jolly Time popcorn. It was great! And I avoided the adverse reaction I’d have if I used butter.

Jolly Time white popcorn
Extra virgin olive oil
Table salt (I’d love to try a more gourmet sea salt next.)

Pop the corn.
Put some olive oil in a big bowl.
Put some salt in the olive oil.
Mix it up. I used my finger.
Put a small amount of popcorn in the bowl. Mix it around. (I did it this way so I could really get the salty oil on the corn. There’s no reason you couldn’t just mix the salt in the oil and pour it over the corn, which I did later for the corn I actually brought to the movie.

You could also put the oil on the corn and then salt the corn. But I thought this would ensure more even salt distribution relative to the oil (oil with no salt doesn’t seem as yummy as butter without salt) and I thought it’d be less messy.

I googled this this morning and found that this guy’s family has been doing this for a long time. But they cook the corn in the olive oil, which is not my thing: