What’s Keeping me on an iPhone

  1. iTunes music syncing, especially due to my huge quantity of Smart Playlists.
  2. DRM music purchased via iTMS.
  3. Polish. Mostly software/system polish.
  4. The tracking with my finger (like during pinching) is super, much better than with the Samsung Vibrant.
  5. Apps. There are some seriously good apps on the iPhone. For example, Soulver.
  6. Syncing with OS X Address app.
  7. Syncing with Safari (though I don’t use this syncing much at all and I don’t use Safari much anymore).
  8. Syncing with iCal. I think BusyCal will handle this just fine via Google Calendar sync. And it might be more over-the-air than it is now, which would be great. No need to buy annual MobileMe to get OTA syncing.
  9. An investment in cases. No big deal.
  10. Great mute button on iPhone.

The Samsung Vibrant looks very promising but for the points above.