Etymotic MC5 IEMs

I found a couple reviews on about the Etymotic MC5 dynamic driver, entry-level IEMs. Maybe they’re in the canalphone range but don’t rate as being IEMs, but with their signature Etymotic neutral sound, they probably do.

Anyway, I read some reviews comparing these to the RE0 and some other phones and I liked what I read about cable microphonics, sound signature and build quality (like a tank, it seems). And another thread found an unadvertised sale bringing the price of a pair of black MC5s down from $79.99 to $49.99.

I called J&R at 800-806-1115 first thing the next morning (Tuesday of this week) and placed an order with “Everett” for two pair. At that price and with free Priority Mail shipping, how could I go wrong?

My MC5s arrived at the office today and I’ll try them out tonight. I probably should have kept my ER-4Ps a little longer to do an A/B comparison but once I decide I don’t want something, I like to get it back to the vendor immediately.