Infinity Primus P162 and P163 Loudspeakers

I’ve been auditioning IEMs lately. One side effect is that I’m reminded that I really like listening to music at home through loudspeakers but I didn’t have anything set up where we live now.

So I found my old Sony receiver and immediately discovered that it didn’t fit in our TV stand (too tall). We picked up a really nice unit at H.H. Gregg yesterday (Sunday) and assembled it. Very happy with it.

Now, what speakers will we use for now? I found my two floor-mount Bose speakers and set them up with the powered subwoofer. I don’t like this Bose system but I bought it when I was in my early twenties and didn’t know better.

Well, what speakers? I don’t care for surround sound actually, but perhaps I will if I try it done well (good receiver, good speakers). I’d like to try just a nice stereo/two-way setup, even for movies. If the bass feels lacking for movies, I can throw in a subwoofer down the road.

Okay, so what speakers? I’ve been looking on for budget speaker recommendations. The Infinity Primus P162 bookshelf loudspeakers come highly recommended. There seems to be a concensus that they’re a decent entry-level hifi speaker. (I worked my way down the price scale to these Inifinity speakers from the Sierra-1s up top ($800, shielded) and the Usher Audio S-520 in the middle ($400).

I settled on the Infinity P162s and ordered a pair from a few weeks ago.