Future Sonics Atrio IEMs (revision 3)

I preordered a pair of chocolate brown Future Sonics Atrios, which arrived 29 October 2010.

These things are amazing. Most fun earphones I’ve ever heard. For personal enjoyment, they beat the crap out of my Sony cans, my old Etymotic ER-4Ps, my Ety MC5s, the Klipsch S4s I tried out and anything else I can remember using.

These are just phenomenal. I use them with Comply foam tips and the seal is great. The seal with the factory medium bi-flange tips is okay in my left ear but doesn’t get a seal in the right.

I’m so happy with these IEMs that I’m just beside myself. There’s enough sparkle and detail to satisfy that critical listening part of me, the bass is insanely well handled (to my taste) and I love the color. They’re so good that in over a month, I haven’t even bothered A/Bing them to my Future Sonics EM-3s.