Welcome Back, T-Mobile Prepaid.

Last night, my T-Mobile Comet Android GSM smartphone was waiting for me when I got home.
I activated it on T-Mobile’s $30/month prepaid plan and popped that SIM into my iPhone. SO I’ll have 1500 units to share between texting and voice (way too much for me) and 30MB of cellular internet (just enough). Plus if I go over my inernet, I can order a 24-hour internet day pass at any time and my account will be debited $1.49. Perfect!
Looking at my current T-Mobile bill, I used 34MB of data last month (perfect!), 184 text messages and just under 200 minutes of talk.
There were cheaper plans but they didn’t work out for me. It was easy to see how I’d save a few bucks every once in awhile but probably go over $30/month more often than not. Not worth the trouble. This plan is the best fit for me at this time.