Motorola Triumph, Briefly.

Google Talk on my wife’s Virgin Mobile BlackBerry has been frequently telling her and her contacts that she’s online and quietly not delivering message to or from her. Restarting Google Talk app fixes this, until it recurs hours later. Could be that our Sprint network coverage at the house is spotty. Some research on my part has uncovered complaints about RIM’s Google Talk chat client fro BlackBerry.

My wife (and I didn’t twist her arm) tried a Motorola Triumph this weekend. Surprisingly, Google’s Google Chat Android client was logging her out. Not as bad as false reporting her as logged in, but still non-optimum. So I set her up with BeeJive IM and put her on the wifi at the house. I don’t remember why I changed clients, actually, but whatever.

But she can’t stand the Android keypad. And the Android 2.2 autocorrection is, in a word, completely freaking awful. I confirmed. 2.3’s autocorrection (checked on someone’s 2.3-based Nexus S) seems fine.

So she decided she’s going back to her BlackBerry.