Goodbye, Java.

This may not be forever, but I think I can do without Java on my MacBook Air. Here’s what happened:

John Gruber linked to this today. So I set about disabling Java in Safari (easy, done) and Chrome (harder, but done). But in this SuperUser article, Jeff Atwood suggests going further, saying, “But my general recommendation is to uninstall Java — you really don’t want Java on your system unless you absolutely, positively have to have it .. because there are so many new exploits for it.”

That’s probably good advice from Jeff Atwood. I don’t depend on Java for what I do, so I’ll just get rid of it. Turns out, Java is reportedly hard to uninstall in OS X (I’m running Lion), but you can disable it. I deleted my /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/ directory at the direction of this article.