Daisy Girl Scouts Organ Donation Speaker

My daughter is six and a half years old. She’s in Kindergarten. She’s learning to read. On Mondays she goes to her weekly Daisy Girl Scouts meeting where she plays with other girls from her school, including first graders and a couple of volunteer older girls.

I found out that at today’s Daisy Girl Scouts meeting, they had a guest speaker tell them all about… wait for it… organ donation. Excuse me? I talked to her about it. She said they gave them coloring books that included something about a girl whose kidneys didn’t work. And the person asked them a lot of questions. What kind of questions, I gently probed. She couldn’t put one together for me, but she did tell me that she learned that you can give part of your body to someone if you’re dead. What?

I’m talking to her Daisy leader this week.