On Whining

I popped into Home Depot this weekend to deposit the mercury-laden CFLs that were in our house when we moved in a year ago. Apparently, Home Depot and IKEA take old CFLs.

When I got back to my car, I noticed that the car which had parked in front of mine while I was inside looked to be very close to mine. So before putting my car in gear, I got out to take a look.

The new KIA in front of me was well over its parking spot line and pressed up against the front bumper of my car. Wow. My car was nestled politely inside all three of its parking lines.

My car wasn’t smashed, the two were just kissing. But not just a peck — if they had lips the lips would certainly be smooshed against one another. I also took a video.

I put my car in gear and backed it up. Then I put it back in Park and got out to inspect the point where that car had run into mine. I could see scuff marks on my car caused by the two cars touching. I detected no visible evidence on the KIA. Moving my car did expose the NY Jets front license plate. Something about the Jets being #1. The part of the KIA that was touching my car was its front license plate.

The reason for this post is not to whine. In fact, it’s to document the following.

Shortly after all this, probably when I pulled into my driveway at home, I emailed the video to a family member who I know is particular about other cars bumping his in parking lots. He always has nice cars, so this makes some sense.

But today I found myself really wanting to hear back from him with his input on this. And here’s what I realized. I wanted his ire to be aroused. I wanted to upset him. I wanted someone on my team to share this slight slight with. And that disappointed me. Why should I need to share this? And I realized that a lot of what I do is just whining. Looking for like-minded people to interest in my whining.

What a waste of time. What a sad means of entertaining myself.


I’m annoyed that Wal-Mart doesn’t take back CFLs.

I’m annoyed at myself for not also bringing my two bags of expended alkaline batteries to Home Depot to get them properly disposed of.

I think it’s time to stop reading Reddit (again) when I get bored.

If I were doing things in my life that were meaningful and really going after them balls to the wall, I wouldn’t have any time for whining.