Fujifilm X100 Do-over

In November of 2011, I auditioned, loved and was simultaneously very disappointed by the Fujifilm X100 camera. I returned it and wrote about my experience.

I miss its incredible flash sync. Now that I realize that its 1/2000/s maximum flash sync is what allows the flash to fire in moderately lit restaurants without distracting other diners (just as one example), I’m getting back on the Fuji wagon. Mostly, I didn’t want them to release an X200 and regret keeping the very flawed X100.

But I miss it and I’m back. If I could only have one camera, this would be it. (Well, something else for video probably, if possible.) I’d give up my D90 and all its lenses for an X100 if I had to stick to one. I plan to buy it as early as next month (May).