Fuji X100 Second Go: What I’m Looking Forward To

I’ll probably buy my second Fuji X100 in mid-June 2012, about a month from now. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

  • Perfect fill flash, in pretty much any setting
  • Nearly silent shutter
  • Flash photos that are not overexposed.
  • Never having to (for what I do) meddle with exposure compensation to get a good result.
  • Being able to leave it in my bag without worrying about it or without it adding a lot of size and weight.

And when Fuji comes out with a full-frame (or even still APS-C) follow-up that has the following things fixed, I’ll buy the crap out of it:

  • Automatic macro kick-in
  • A two-stop ND filter instead of the 3-stop of the X100
  • No weird restrictions like maximum flash sync only in certain arbitrary circumstances
  • Manual focus that works
  • A third function button
  • An ISO dial, with “Auto” on it as a choice