Giving OmniFocus a try again

Listening to Merlin Mann talk about OmniFocus location-based contexts in the After Dark podcast yesterday, then listening to the related Mac Power User podcast on Workflows with him as a guest today, I’m going to give OmniFocus a try again to see how I like its location-based contexts. I expect it to take a lot of setup, but I don’t mind that at all.

Years ago, I stopped using OmniFocus (I’d never really used it religiously). I once had the idea I’d use OmniFocus for work and Things for personal activities. But I really stopped using OmniFocus and didn’t even have it installed on my iPhone 4S, which I’ve had since November 2011.

I don’t use Things anymore either. I use Simplenote on my iPhone 4S and my iPad 2 32GB 3G, NVAlt on my MacBook Air and ResophNotes on my Windows 7 workstation at my day job.

I recently bought Listary for iOS and have used it a bit on my iPhone 4S. I like it so far. I found out about it from a profile on The Setup of a man who works in a restaurant.