I’ve been considering building a Sonos home audio system for some time. I want to have music throughout the house and I want to be able to easily control which rooms it plays in at any given time.

A weekly email update from two days ago alerted me to the release of the Sonos PLAY:1 two-speaker model, along with a free Sonos Bridge with purchase of any Sonos speaker. $199 with a free Bridge thrown in? I’m in. I read a few reviews about the PLAY:1 and then placed my order.

The PLAY:1 and Bridge arrived via FedEx a few minutes ago. I had it set up and playing music from iPhone in minutes. The on-screen instructions in their iOS controller app walked me through everything. My iTunes music library is currently being indexed via the OS X controller app.

25 January 2014 Update: Since buying my PLAY:1, I’ve picked up three more Sonos pieces: a PLAY:5, a CONNECT:AMP and a CONNECT. I haven’t tried the CONNECT yet, but I’m very happy with the other two pieces.