Fuji X100S

This is a draft.

5 February 2014

I've had an X100S since November 2013. I'm on my second one as the hot shoe was crooked on the first one. It was also crooked on its replacement — but les so, so I kept it.

This thing often hunts for focus indoors. I don't shoot much outdoors but I don't recall it hunting outdoors in daylight.

The fill flash is, like the two X100's I previous owned, amazing. The shutter is nigh silent. The camera is unassuming looking and doesn't draw the attention of a DSLR, in my opinion. It fits in a jacket pocket, though I have some concerns it might tumble out so I tend to keep a hand on it. I have my old Gordy's wrist strap on it, which I think is pretty much as good as a wrist strap gets.

Gone in the X100S are slow card writes and extremely long bootup times caused by mounting the SD card on a regular computer (which puts temp dirs and such on there that the X100 apparently took forever to handle on bootup.

What would I like?

I'd like this to have at least as good autofocus as my Canon S100 compact camera had. I'd like this to have a full-frame sensor.

I'd like this to have a dedicate ISO dial. I'm not a big ISO changer at all but it would be nice.

I'd like a metering dial as well.

I'd like the ND filter to be a dedicated toggle button, but I'm okay using the top Fn button (is that the right name?) for this.

I'd like two custom modes like on my Nikon D7000 so I can switch between crazy colors for non-people photos and better skin-tone settings for people photos. On my D7000 I also set it to lower resolution (and perhaps higher compression) for my people custom settings mode — I might do this again a Fuji X camera that had a custom block but only if it were very easy to dial the resolution back up in people mode for when I wanted to take an important portrait (full-res) instead of an everyday people snapshot.

I'd also like to be able to take fast shots like I do on my Nikon DSLRs. I have to hold the Drive button and then move it to a mult-shot mode and the shots are glued together during playback. I'd prefer a physical, direct means of changing the speed like on my D7000 and I haven't gotten used to the playback groups of multi-shot bursts on my X100S, though I may eventually get used to them and even like them — who knows.

I'd like to be able to zoom in a little deeper (and faster) on playback.

I'd like to be able to take more than ten minutes of vidoe — maybe. Just maybe.

I'd like a backup SD card slot.

I saved the worst for last. I'd like the battery meter to actually work. It currently doesn't warn me that the battery is almost empty until I have one or zero shots left. WTF. I carry a spare battery with me on important days. And I'd like the battery to only go in one way, rather than any of four ways.

I'd like the manual focus ring to be physical, rather than manual-focus-by-wire.

I don't miss my DLRs, except when I want a 100mm lens or the larger depth of field I get with full-frame. Okay, at my daughters' school dance shows twice a year, I'd like a telephoto lens.

Sometimes it doesn't wake up on first press of the shutter button.