Things I Want From My iPhone

Here’s a running list of what my iPhone doesn’t do that I’d like it to, or things I’d like improved.


  • Detect likely scam calls and warn me while the phone is ringing (and perhaps offer an option to not ring at all for those).
  • Auto-add phone numbers I put in my blocked callers list. I have some address book entries such as “Scammer” with many phone numbers in them. When I get a new number, I need to add the contact record to my blocked list and the newly added number will get appended to my blocked list. I want contact-level blocking, not phone-number-level blocking.
  • Various Siri improvements.
  • High-speed (a la f/1000 or faster) flash sync photography.
  • What else? There are more things, but I’m coming up dry at the moment.