iPhones 6S

The iPhone 7 was released in September this year. But I don’t want one. Too expensive to buy them new, I hate the Touch ID fake button (doesn’t actually get pressed down and whole bottom of the phone vibrates for the “click”) and, finally, I’m an “S” man.

I recently bought a used iPhone 6S Plus for myself, as an upgrade from my iPhone 6. I wanted to try out a larger-sized iPhone for two reasons:

  • The iPhones Plus get better camera upgrades first (optical stabilization and double-camera, so far); and
  • If I can tolerate the size, it would be nice to have more space to read web pages and such on it.

I got it and tried it for a couple days. No dice. This thing is too big for my hand (I have to clutch it in one hand and touch the screen with the other) and too big for my Prius’s drink holder (barely fits and sticks straight up). It’s a monster. Okay, early upgrade for the wife. She loves it. Sold her iPhone 6 Plus for something like the same amount I paid for her new 6S Plus. Great deal.

I then bought myself a used 6S. It arrived with a bunch of bad (black) pixels. Apple fixed it under warranty, which is good though April 2017.

I really like this phone. It’s snappier than my iPhone 6. 3D Touch is kinda cool. I love the instantaneous Touch ID! Though sometimes I just wanted to read my notifications and instead it opens up. This is a small price to pay.

I like the S-only voicemail transcriptions. I’ve used them… once. But it’s a very nice feature.

The screen seems to have better viewing angles, but I haven’t A/B’d them to be sure this is the case.